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Dongguan City,Jc Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel:0769-8321 8081
Fax:0769-8903 2400
Address:Dongguan Quan Tang Wai Tsai Village Golden Pine Road 32
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     Jie , Dongguan City, Automation Technology Co., Ltd. , is engaged in factory automation equipment research and development, production sales, repair , maintenance, installation services , professional company , the company set research and development , design, production , sales and service in one , specializing in IT, optoelectronics and numerous foundry supporting the whole plant automation equipment , complete sets of equipment, non- standard and special machines , automatic unmanned production line equipment, automation machinery and carrier. Companies adhering to the " science and technology development to the quality of survival to manage the efficiency " business philosophy , together with many Taiwanese colleagues through the development of the hardships and pride.
In 2002 the company set up factories in Dongguan , the following year the company operational headquarters from Taipei moved to Dongguan , Dongguan factory is well-equipped technical manpower, processing equipment, venue and attentive after-sales services , and thereby win the favor of the new and old customers trust. In recent years, the company has in Suzhou, Xiamen set up many factories and service organizations , formed a complete set of service mechanism

The company is on the mainland , Taiwan, Southeast Asia, to provide the following services
◎ automatic servo Tapping machines, tapping jigs, tooth bar mechanism , YAMAWA and Tai Po tap ; tapping machine axis from the axis to less than 640 seconds to complete a one-time can be achieved , and can achieve any side , upside, the next attack multidimensional tapping ;
◎ automatic riveting machine, riveting machine contains Rivet and push- riveting machine , riveting jig ;
Tapping Drain Drain Drain ◎ punching rivets automatic detection machines, including plug PIN detector and CCD detector ;
◎ robot moves out , multi-axis robotic systems , on-line operating system , can achieve various special equipment to enhance the human-machine operation to automatic unattended operation type operations, such as online connectivity ;
◎ keyboard system assembly equipment, including NOTEBOOK Keyboard for automatic assembly machines scissors , scissors and motherboard automatic assembly machines, automatic assembly machines keycap with the motherboard , DESKTOP keycap keyboard cover and automatic assembly machines, automatic assembly machines complete NB Keyboard Systems keyboard function testing machine, automatic assembly machines and other balance bar ;
◎ high-speed image analysis and detection equipment matching : Detectable printing, position, color , tapping , rivets , deformation , dirt, holes and apertures ; tailored for different industries to meet the needs of CCD devices at different price points , the fastest can achieve a second detection 16.5 m long 0.7 m wide detection of objects ;
◎ Systems Engineering : The whole plant automation conveyor equipment, burn aging equipment , large-scale logistics and warehousing equipment design and installation ;
◎ other dedicated machine Design: Outlet burr removal machine , hot melt machine, buried nail machine , a small tin stove , various ring measuring longevity measuring machine , various types of assembly machines, automatic turning machines, automatic transfer machine , auto lifts , auto plug- machine, oven , automatic printing presses, automatic dryer , ultrasonic cleaning machines ;

Company philosophy : science and technology development to the quality of survival to manage the efficiency , excellent quality and service , enhance our competitiveness. With customers to establish long-term stability and common development of the strategic partnership.

Company Quality Policy : Professional design , precision machining, rigorous testing , on-time delivery.

Company sales service guarantee : 24 hours to provide telephone technical support , the company in Ningbo, Zhejiang , Jiangsu, Suzhou , Dongguan, Guangdong , Shenzhen and other places have offices . Pick up a customer notice of repair personnel within 24 hours after arriving at the client for processing. Tapping machines and riveting machines common parts are in stock and can be delivered to customers within 24 hours .

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